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I will be at SC12 November 10-16, with the of Kentucky exhibit in booth 631. I will be posting pictures and impressions through at least one of my online presence mechanisms . I fully expect it to be weird … Continue reading

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I picked up one of the $150 refurbished 32GB Touchpads in the last firesale on Sunday. It seems like HP has done their very best to get as many Touchpads into the hands of hackers as possible, so whether or … Continue reading

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SC’11 Lessons

I learned some really interesting things at SC this year, and now that I’ve had a day to process, I want to share. Many of these observations come from first or second hand conversations, or justifiable interpretations of press releases, … Continue reading

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Headed out to SC11 in Seattle, WA. for the week. Technical interest, travel complaints, booth hacks, advertising mockery, and schwag to follow.

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Google Plus

I’ve been playing with Google+ for the last couple days, and am finding it pretty interesting. To share some observations that will be tedious to anyone not interested in plus, UI design, and such geekery:

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Google Plus?

Google is trying again with social networking with Google Plus. It actually looks pretty interesting; the group management (“cirlces”) looks reasonable, the platform-independent n-party text/voice/video chat (“hangouts”) looks spectacular, and the interest grouping (“sparks”) would make a good standalone feature. … Continue reading

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Congratulations Tom and Cristina

A little belated because I didn’t get to plugging my camera in to a computer until today, but congratulations are in order for my housemates Tom and Cristina, who got married last Saturday in an incredibly well suited lighthearted ceremony. … Continue reading

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Research Updates / LLVM Is a PITA

I’ve spent the last several months discovering ways in which LLVM is excessive, ill-behaved, oversold, broken or simply lying in it’s documentation while working on my master’s project. In fact, that is almost ALL of what I accomplished in the … Continue reading

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Blog Move

This blog is in the process of moving in from it’s previous location at to it’s new home at on bluehost. This current page will no doubt be repeatedly created and destroyed in the process, as I try … Continue reading

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My research group is headed down to the IEEE/ACM Supercomputing Conference next week in New Orleans to put on our customary research exhibit. This year’s booth features a large 6-sided figure with three 6-foot screens on the longer spans, in … Continue reading

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