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I decided to make some Moussaka on a whim last night. As usual when I try to make something new, I browsed a couple recipes off the ‘net, then mostly ignored them and made it up as I went. I … Continue reading

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Schwein Schnitzel

I think I picked up the affection for Schnitzel a couple summers ago when I was in Vienna, but I’ve wanted and made it a couple times lately, and this round came out reasonably photogenic. This is pretty classic Weiner … Continue reading

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Chili Verde

Vat foods usually aren’t terribly exciting to cook, but this one was interesting and photogenic. I’ve usually heard of this kind of chili associated with New Mexico, although I’m sure there are other regional variations. It is a favorite because … Continue reading

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Chicken Bok Choy

Asian market bok choy: younger, fresher, cheaper, and in every way better than grocery store bok choy. Seen here with chicken, garlic, ginger, shoyu, and black pepper.

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Beer Reduction Sauce

While travelling I had a meal at a Gordon Biersch (chain brewery restaurant) with what they call “Märzen sauce,” which was pretty good, and I wanted to check my guess for how it was made. Nothing else particularly appealed while … Continue reading

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Poached Eggs and Scones

Failed to work up requisite give-a-fuck this morning, had no pressing obligations until the early afternoon. Result: breakfast of poached eggs with fresh scones and a latte. In a related note, I need a better scone recipe.

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It’s been a while since I had a “I made this food. Look at it” foodblogging post, but this makes a good one. One batch of Bison Momo, based roughly on this recipe, and one batch of pork jiaozi, based … Continue reading

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Feeling Southern

After consuming a derby pie over course of the past week, I was in the mood for traditional southern food, so I bought parts for southern style kale (which falls way past the “Vegtables cooked in pork count as pork” … Continue reading

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Superauto Espresso

There is a new superauto espresso machine (specifically, a VKI Eccellenza Express) on the second floor of the Marksbury building. Life is suddenly excellent, although my continued health may be in danger. My only compliant from my first use is … Continue reading

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Annual Cadbury Creme Egg: Consumed. Successfully reminded that they are disgusting. The analogous peep was taken care of earlier in the week, so my spring confectionery tradition is complete.

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