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Blog Move

This blog is in the process of moving in from it’s previous location at to it’s new home at on bluehost. This current page will no doubt be repeatedly created and destroyed in the process, as I try … Continue reading

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IPv4 Depletion

Oh look, the allocation to IPNIC today set off the IPv4 endgame provisions! Now to watch another problem unfold because we (as a culture) spent the last several decades focusing on short term profits instead of investing in infrastructure. We … Continue reading

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Pionier Button Hacking: Step 2

It took over a year for me to get back to it, but I finally sat down and made some progress on hacking the Buttons Pionier was giving away at SC09. When I last posted about it, I had drawn … Continue reading

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Pacman Brownies!

I’ve had the idea of icing classic video games onto brownies rattling around in the expanse between my ears for a while. I haven’t tried to pipe ice anything in quite some time, and it never has come out terribly … Continue reading

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Spiffchorder rides again

I’ve been putting a couple hours every evening into the long, long list of hobby projects that haven’t been touched for the last 10 or so weeks. One of the successes on this front is getting to touch the Spiffchorder … Continue reading

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Some time ago, a friend sent me this article about one of our high school class mates (first person, the one at the National Journal Group), mixed with some ruminations on the fucked up standards of the people I grew … Continue reading

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Bus Pirate!

I lost yesterday evening to the happy distraction that usually follows a little red box showing up in the mail – The Bus Pirate and cables I ordered from Sparkfun with my Free Day winnings arrived. It is a very … Continue reading

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Fall 2010 Semester Retrospective

With trip to Hawaii immediately following the end of the semester, I didn’t get to posting my customary class Impressions/Retrospective post for the end of the Fall2010 semester, but I have remembered to do so now. The chain of such … Continue reading

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Aloha ʻoe

Aloha ʻoe, aloha ʻoe E ke onaona noho i ka lipo One fond embrace, A hoʻi aʻe au Until we meet again

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Coffee Tour

I’m on the dry side of the big island in Hawaii right now, and the Kona cost is an amazing place for coffee dorks; I took a tour of the Greenwell Farms Coffee Plantation, a 150 year old traditional (but … Continue reading

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