I will be at SC’13 November 16-21 with the of Kentucky research exhibit again this year in booth 629. Media and impressions should appear somewhere in my ‘net presence during and after the conference, it is always a good show.
Edit:Pushing photos from the show floor into this album.

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  1. Ryan Andrews says:

    Hey, another note, if you guys need software updates or some free gear, we would love to help sponsor , that is the kind of stuff why most of us here got into this for, feel free to drop me a mail if we can help. All the original team aside from Greg are back and we are going to be pushing our a full rewrite of PERCEUS after the first of the year with better protection from billion dollar companies stealing it then saying they are better.

    Take care, no need to post this, but save my email in case I can help at all.


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