Social network style summary:
Name: Paul Selegue Eberhart
Geography: Lexington, KY, USA
School: University of Kentucky
Status: Masters Student in Electrical Engineering
Gender: Male
Politics: Mostly Left of Center
Interests: Computers, Electronics, Food, Design, Literature, the sort of DIY practicality everyone seems to have lost, too many other things to list.
Trust of social networking sites’ various sleazy owners to act responsibly with my information: None

Just so there IS a picture of me somewhere on the site, a picture I took of the outfit I wore for my senior composite picture:

Blue print shirt, flame tie, win.

A little more verbosely:

I am Paul Eberhart. I am currently working on a masters degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Kentucky, after finishing bachelors degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science from UK in three and a half years.  Some people seem to think that means I’m exceptionally smart or driven or something.  It really just means I was lucky enough to find a way to be rewarded for doing what I enjoy.

Other than school (Ha. As though there were time for much of that), my hobby sorts of interest start overlapped with my academic interests, but also extend into Food (I like to cook, and eat), Industrial Design, Literature (both classic and junk), Music (mostly just junk), the kind of practicality that allows one to fix everyday things…and really almost everything. Curiosity is fun.  I tend to juggle a whole haeap of projects to keep myself entertained.
I also (skate) Longboard for fun and exercise.

My weekly repeating schedule is available over on my Schedule Page

If you want to reach me in a timely manner, I am PAPPPmAc on both AIM and Google Talk.