Shapeoko: Part 1

My Shapeoko kit arrived from Inventables while I was away at SC.

I’ve been trying to build myself a small CNC milling machine since 2009, and contemplating it for longer than that. It became clear that my original design, however educational, was a dead end sometime last year. I’d been idly watching the Shapeoko project for some time as it had similar aspirations to my design, and a couple months ago I was in a particularly mechanical mood when I saw that a batch had reached enough buyers to be produced, so I bought in for a mechanical kit to mount my existing electronics on.

The Shapeoko community is really excellent, and the kit was designed to be flexible, so I’m starting off with some suggested modifications – I’m using NEMA23 motors instead of the usual NEMA17 on the X and Y axis, because I already had some nice Lin Engineering 130 oz-in NEMA23 motors and the frame can fit them. I’m configuring for dual Y motors, which give more even force across the Y axis, and routing my belts on the outside of the frame, since I needed to buy different hardware for the NEMA23 motors anyway and this particular modification is widely recommended.

There is a gallery to document my first round of assembly below the fold (captions don’t display properly in the RSS feed).

After hitting the problem with the motor screw I decided to call it a night and do some reading for a workaround and/or pick up some more short M5 bolts before continuing… also to see to the other things I should be doing when I’ve been out of town for a week.

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