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chdk-ptp PKGBUILD

In another episode of fixing things for the Cameras as Computing Systems class I’m taking, I made a PKGBUILD that apparently correctly builds and installs chdk-ptp on Archlinux systems. Chdk-ptp is a tethered-control application for Canon cameras running CHDK, that … Continue reading

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As a quick “look at me being a good citizen,” a “class projects sometimes do have positive externalities,” and so that I have a convenient pointer/local copy, I just touched up the script for building a GCC 4.5 toolchain suitable … Continue reading

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CHDK on the SD770 IS

The camera handling for my last post reminded me to check to see if progress had been made on the CHDK port to for the Canon SD770 (the little point-and-shoot I have). There was a promising effort about a year … Continue reading

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