CHDK Toolchain Script Fix

As a quick “look at me being a good citizen,” a “class projects sometimes do have positive externalities,” and so that I have a convenient pointer/local copy, I just touched up the script for building a GCC 4.5 toolchain suitable for CHDK work on the CHDK wiki to fix some minor bitrot. [local copy]

The major problem was that GCC 4.5’s texinfo documentation won’t build under texinfo >5, as documented on the openwrt wiki, and this causes the build to fail. There are also many preventable warnings building under recent gcc, most of which are fixed by switching to gcc 4.5.4. Unfortunately, the existing page was named Gcc452, but the minor-version bump makes that technically a lie, since it now builds gcc 4.5.4. I don’t want my first edit on their wiki to be signifigant renovation, so the lie persists with a note.

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