Skateboarding Companies are the Best

One more longboarding post before I return to my usual content. We’re all used to being regularly mistreated by vendors, and I don’t want to sound like an SEO bot, but these guys deserve recognition for being awesome.

Free Churchill Deck
When I ordered my Jasmine from Churchill Mfg., I sent in my reddit user name for their “free skate tool with order for redditors” promotion a couple hours after I ordered. It didn’t show up in the order, and I didn’t worry about it, because worrying about free pack-ins is silly. Then I got an email from Troy Churchill apologizing for not sending me free stuff because they shipped my order before they saw I had sent in for the promotion.

I replied that it wasn’t a problem and threw in a link to my post about setting up the board. They 1. Looked at it, 2. Politely offered a slight correction and, 3. Offered me a free deck under the “give us a shout-out in a video of decorating your Churchill deck and get one free” promotion they are running, even though it wasn’t a video.
So now I have a free Marina (pintail) coming that I’m passing to a friend who rode my boards and decided she liked it, to spread the stoke.

Khiro Makes it Right
I orderd a Khiro Angle Wedge Riser Rail Kit from Daddies to play with the ride of my decks, and this happened:
Riser Problem
(There was a slight packing error among the 16 similar looking plastic bits in the set, so I had three 7° risers and only one 10°.)
I emailed a description of the problem the service contact at Daddies’, asking how they wanted to handle it… and in less than 12 hours, I was CC-ed on an email from a Daddies employee to Khiro, had an apologetic email from Khiro promising me that a replacment 10° riser was going in the mail with “some goodies,” and a voicemail from Khiro Bob apologizing for the problem. A few days later this showed up:
Riser Solved

Why can’t all the compaines I interact with be this full of win?

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