Tech antitrust hearing: all the news, updates, and documents from Congress’ big moment

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Article note: These hearings have produced some super-interesting reading. Amazon is exactly as evil as they've always seemed, the way the crushed Quidsi (, is pretty much the definition of anti-competitive behavior, and on record. (the ArsTechnica article on that one is better) Apple's forcing everyone on iOS into the payment system they get a cut of is some scrip bullshit, and their Right to Repair behavior is so bad even the journalist-enthusiasts didn't bite. Facebook is ... facebook, they're always full of careless tech-bro shit. The weird mixture of inter-FAANG antagonism/special deals with things like video platform interop are fascinating sets of contrast (probably due to warring kingdoms inside the mega corps) and clear signs of collusive monopolists.
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The House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel has been very busy

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