The cheapest Cam Link clone you can buy actually works pretty well

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Article note: I sprung for a $70 USB-C one with pass-through and higher bandwidth modes and such, but HDMI capture dongles that present as a simple UVC device are fabulous and worth having around. I hadn't seen any as cheap as these, but they look awesome for most things I'd want.
Photo by Bijan Stephen / The Verge

As The Verge’s resident live-streaming reporter, I do a lot of streaming on my own time, both because it’s fun and because I want to know a little about what it’s like for the people I cover. That’s meant I’ve gained a healthy appreciation for the various pieces of gear that make streaming possible — because streaming is the opposite of effortless. Things break constantly, and most of the time for no obvious reason. (There but for the grace of god go we, etc.) All of that said, I’ve found that upgrading my stream setup is one of the few true pleasures I have left; there’s nothing quite as satisfying as adding a new camera or microphone or chat command that might elevate a viewer’s experience.

It is in that spirit — the spirit of...

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