Shapeoko: Part 3

Naturally, this post is a follow-on to Shapeoko: Part 1 and Shapeoko: Part 2. I’ve basically put the machine together now, and can move the X and Z axis around from the host computer, but still have to figure out belt attachments for the Y axis, and run the wiring in a sane way. I was holding up a microswitch to the various relevant spots for end-stops as I went, and everything but detecting the upper extreme of the Z axis should be easy. As in the last two posts, there is an assembly gallery under the fold.

I have various bits of aluminum around from previous projects to work with, it shouldn’t be too hard to hack something together – I’m currently fiddling with some scrap plate and some U-channel to try two different arrangements, I’ll probably iterate a couple times on one side, then duplicate the winner to hook up the far side. Dragging an idle motor (please to call it “counterweight”) shouldn’t hurt anything, right?

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