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Section 230 Sunset Act Would Cut Off Young People’s Access to Online Communities

Source: Hacker News

Article note: I think for a significant number of conservative folk that's the point. Awful people feel threatened when young people have access to communities and perspectives outside their family/geography/institutions (read: Church) that might lead them to question crazy bullshit.
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systemd 256.1: Now slightly less likely to delete /home

Source: The Register

Article note: The systemd "You're doing it the way you've always done it! We've immediately deprecated decades of accepted practice after only internal discussion because we know better! How dare you be so regressive!" tradition continues.

Fixes catastrophic data loss, er, bug, er poorly documented feature... user error

Following closely after systemd version 256 comes 256.1, which fixes a handful of bugs. One of these is emphatically not systemd-tmpfiles recursively deleting your entire home directory. That's a feature.…

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