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The Aol Chat Room Monitor Revolt – Priceonomics

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It really is more or less exactly the Reddit situation: A buisness that understood they were stewards of communities got profit focused and shit on their volunteers, and when the volunteers noitced it was a shitshow. This priceonomics piece from 2014 even called out reddit as a likely parallel.

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Red Hat cutting back RHEL source availability

Source: Hacker News

Article note: Hrm. The tension here is that IBM thinks the value proposition of RHEL is "Supported" and (I suspect) almost everyone else regards the value proposition of RHEL as "standard base." I think it's more likely that the "standard base" for srs bsns Linux in the markets where RHEL is the standard would rebase than IBM having any success trying to squeeze customers, and if that happens the value of "Owning RHEL" suddenly shrinks dramatically. Honestly, all it would take is the RHEL-likes like Alma and Rocky to agree on a coordination mechanism that isn't matching RHEL - could be through a major public interest like CERN, could be through an existing commercial interest like coordinating with Oracle (ew), could be via one of the several entities that does commercial support for RHEL-likes ... there are options. Oracle being a gigantic litigious parasite on society is a broader issue, and I understand regarding commercial RHEL-likes as more of a problem, but even they have been funding a lot of backport-to-LTS type work.
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