It’s been a while since I had a “I made this food. Look at it” foodblogging post, but this makes a good one. One batch of Bison Momo, based roughly on this recipe, and one batch of pork jiaozi, based roughly on this recipe.

Momo filling - Way more photogenic before the meat sludge phase

Both came out pretty well. The jiaozi taste pretty much exactly like the ones from a typical Americanized Chinese restaurant, and the momo are significantly more complex…although they would definitely benefit from some sort of sauce, like they are traditionally served.

The momo are the darker box-folded ones, the jiaozi are the lighter colored crimped half-moons.

I have a fair amount of left over filling from each, due largely to lack of patience and finesse for suitably pressing out the springy dough (In retrospect: breaking out the rolling pin would have helped), which will probably be wrapped in napa cabbage leaves and steamed later, or used for another batch of dumplings. With a bottle of Gew├╝rztraminer and some friends, an evening well spent.

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