Schwein Schnitzel

Schwein Schnitzel with Green Beans and Potatoes
I think I picked up the affection for Schnitzel a couple summers ago when I was in Vienna, but I’ve wanted and made it a couple times lately, and this round came out reasonably photogenic. This is pretty classic Weiner Schnitzel style with pork, pounded out, dredged in flour with a bit of salt, pepper, and garlic powder, washed in beaten egg and milk, breaded in crumbs with paprika, and pan fried in oil with a pad of butter.

There is nothing about this that is healthy, it makes a terrible mess of the kitchen, and I still haven’t quite perfected the process (too dark or a little bit of sogginess on the underside of the breading or…), but the pounding and the breading makes for excellent texture, and it is terribly satisfying.

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