Beer Reduction Sauce

While travelling I had a meal at a Gordon Biersch (chain brewery restaurant) with what they call “Märzen sauce,” which was pretty good, and I wanted to check my guess for how it was made. Nothing else particularly appealed while I was shopping for dinner ingredients tonight, so I decided to try to clone with the wheat ale I had in the fridge.

Pork in a thickened beer reduction with mushrooms, with asparagus and rice.

I was pretty sure it was made on the cook meat in oil with salt and pepper (and garlic powder?)-> remove meat -> add flour to to whatever is left in the pan -> cook until dark -> deglaze with beer -> add sliced mushrooms (and garlic?) -> cook down -> plate meat with pan sauce process, and decided to try it. I went with real garlic later in the process, which I suspect was wrong, and I would have to test again to see if I got the ordering right in one place (flour and mushrooms steps may be swapped), but it seems to be right otherwise, and, more importantly, came out tasty.

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