Two years unmasking a well-funded Silicon Valley ‘apocalypse cult’

Source: Hacker News

Article note: There is, as always, a problem of extremes. Thinking about long-term ramifications is _generally_ a good thing, but you run into camps of true believers who spend too much time huffing their own farts and get to some weird places. Long-term: "Perhaps we should accept some short-term economic contraction in order to head off the effects of increasing climate instability" - I'm totally on board. Long-term: "We should let billions of the poor die horribly to accelerate the possibility that our progeny's progeny might live forever in pleasure domes floating through space" - Go fuck yourself. Long-term: "We should think about sustainable, humane ways to distribute material goods a society in which automation performs most of the actual labor." - Yup, that's a thing to think about before it becomes any more of a problem. Long-term: "BRO DID YOU SEE TERMINATOR AND THE MATRIX? OUR SHITTY CHATTERBOTS ARE TOTALLY ON THE CUSP OF AGI AND WILL KILL US ALL!1!" - no. touch grass.
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