CentOS Stream: ‘I was slow on the uptake, but I get what they are doing now,’ says Rocky Linux founder

Source: The Register

Article note: Interesting. I'm still of the opinion that the only compelling reason to put up with an RHEL-like is because some tool is brittle and demands to run on RHEL X.Y, and Stream doesn't fulfill that need for users. I admire Greg's optimism that it might be a way into RH's cabal-driven-development scheme, but I find it less likely that an injection point between Fedora and RHEL represents much of an opportunity for input.

Greg Kurtzer: Red Hat did the right thing and the new scenario is better than the old

Interview  Greg Kurtzer, co-founder of CentOS and founder of Rocky Linux, has told The Register that despite the "negative effect" around the end of CentOS 8, he now believes that the focus on CentOS Stream is better for the community.…

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