Arm Announces Armv9 Architecture: SVE2, Security, and the Next Decade

Source: AnandTech Articles

Article note: Interesting. Calling it v9 seems like a little bit of a press-bump relative to the v7/v8 completely different architectures situation, but there are big changes. I'm suspicious of the variable-width vector engines that have been cropping up, but at first glance this looks more like first class partition-able SIMD than the silly expensive vector system the RISCV vector setup. Advanced hardware support for container isolation has been ...hit or miss... in the past, if they do a good job with it it should be really useful both for the hosted VM market and for isolating the many badly-behaved things that want to run on our pocket computers. If not it's going to be one of those architectural liabilities that's irritating to fix. Somehow I missed the tagged memory that came in in v8.5. Tagged architectures are always interesting, though this is a _very_ limited tagging setup that seems to just do reference liveness.

Today, as part of Arm’s Vision Day event, the company is announcing the first details of the company’s new Armv9 architecture, setting the foundation for what Arm hopes to be the computing platform for the next 300 billion chips in the next decade.

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