Google Music shutdown starts this month, music deleted in December

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Article note: I actually rather like GPM, it's focused and unobtrusive, it's the only such thing I found that did a decent job of commingling local and subscription content, it has good enough library coverage I don't usually bother to pirate lately, and it produces pleasing seed-generated stations. I wouldn't care what they called it if Youtube music weren't an enormously shittier product - but it really is. It (at least last I used it) commingles history with Youtube and contaminates your shit, preferentially plays random video trash from Youtube over just playing songs, has only a very tenuous and crippled concept of local media, and has an offensively non-music-focused UI. I think I'll ditch and take my $10/mo elsewhere, but I'm not really hyped about any of the alternatives.
Logo for Google Play Music.

Enlarge / Please don't hurt our music collections, Google. (credit: Google Play Music)

Google Play Music has been given the death sentence by Google, and today the company has announced a bit more detail about how its execution will be carried out. The main message from today's blog post is "back up your music now," as Google says it will wipe out all Google Music collections in December 2020.

We've known for a while that the shutdown would be sometime in 2020, but for most regions, Google has now narrowed it down to "October." Here's the full timeline:

  • Late August—Users will no longer be able to upload or download music through Music Manager. Pre-orders and purchases will be shut down.
  • September—Streaming shuts down for users in New Zealand and South Africa.
  • October—Global streaming shutdown. The Google Music app and website will cease to be.
  • December—Music collections get deleted.

At the time of the streaming shutdown, the app will have been showing shutdown messages for about five months. If a user has somehow missed all of those, two months with no streaming at all will hopefully be enough to get them to research what happened to Google Music.

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