Fujitsu’s Fugaku and A64FX Take Arm to the Top with 415 PetaFLOPs

Source: Hacker News

Article note: Neat, it panned out. The ascendancy of ARM is really weird, they went from being a flailing niche PC business clinging to life by licensing out one of the uglier RISC-ish designs from the 80s to being in everything from $1 micros, through fondleslabs, workstations, servers, and the largest operating supercomputer. Japan's heavily planned supercomputing program has been working out for them for like 40 years now; based on what I saw at SC Fujitsu's A64FX parts are the first actually-impressive high-end ARM parts (not a surprise, they've been building vector engines forever and appear to have mostly designed the SVE extensions based on that), and the Tofu interconnect is a truly impressive piece of tech. Plus the synchronization with the Apple ARM announcement really makes a spectacle of it.
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