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Reddit alternative Ruqqus shutting down

Source: Hacker News

Article note: New platforms get picked up by the people least served by the existing platforms. That used to mean all kinds of weird and wonderful niches. Now that social platforms are so thoroughly penetrated, it means stupid Nazis. Not the smarter, well-heeled maybe-Nazis who pay for narrative adjusting ads and sock-puppet armies on the existing platforms and speak in dogwhistles. Not the random cancel victim of the week who failed to adequately supplicate themselves to the niche populist "progressive" issue of the week getting called a Nazi. The deep human failure "my identity is racial animus because I have nothing else going for me" actual self-identified Nazis. It's a real problem because that situation has made it hard to try new formats, and allowed a greater degree of censorship of things that probably shouldn't be, platform manipulation, and general shittyness by the incumbents than would be tolerated if it were still easy to jump ship.
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