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Arduino Nano Floppy Emulator For When Your Disk Is Not Accessible

Source: Hack a Day

Article note: Huh, I assumed a 328p was a little too feeble to do a Shugart/IBM style floppy emulator (most of the similar devices are faster little ARMs, and the ones for weird drives like the Mac FloppyEmu are CPLDs on the signaling end). Very cool, ever more accessible because we live in an era of ridiculously cheap and easy compute.

Among the plethora of obsolete removable media there are some which are lamented, but it can be difficult to find those who regret the passing of the floppy disk. These flexible magnetic disks in hard plastic covers were a staple of computing until some time in the early 2000s, and their drives could be found by the crateload in any spares box. But what about today, when there’s a need for a real floppy drive and none is to be found? Enter [Acemi Elektronikci], with an Arduino Nano based floppy emulator, that plugs into the floppy port of a PC old enough to have one, and allows the easy use of virtual floppy disks.

Aside from the Nano it has an SD card and associated level shifter, and an SSD1306 i2c screen. Most of the Arduino’s lines drive the floppy interface, so the five-button control comes to a single ADC pin via a resistor ladder. He freely admits that it’s not a perfect cycle-exact emulator of original hardware and there may be machines or even operating systems that complain when faced with it, but for all that it is a useful tool. One of the machines that may have issues is the Amiga, but fortunately there’s a fix for that with a Raspberry Pi.

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Event-based camera chips are here, what’s next?

Source: Hacker News

Article note: Hey, TDCI-Adjacent! I read a bunch of their stuff doing background for my PhD. I really like the way they're doing their hardware, but their vaguely neuromorphic event camera scheme is (IMO) not the best way to use the hardware.
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