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Dell SecureAssist contained RCE flaw allowing miscreants to remotely reflash your BIOS with code of their creation

Source: The Register

Article note: FFS Dell. Your remote support tools work as RCEs more often than they actually work for their intended purpose.

And it affects 129 models of PC and laptop... or about 30 million computers

A chain of four vulnerabilities in Dell's SupportAssist remote firmware update utility could let malicious people run arbitrary code in no fewer than 129 different PCs and laptops models – while impersonating Dell to remotely upload a tampered BIOS.…

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MS Teams Switches from AngularJS to React, Ditches Electron.

Source: Hacker News

Article note: Oh shit yes (as long as it doesn't crap up the cross-platform-ness). Maybe it won't take more resources to be on teams than the _entire goddamn development VM_ I'm usually running at the same times.
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