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The Surveilled Student

Source: Hacker News

Article note: So many thoughts. At least it's making students actively privacy-conscious. There is a real problem with blatant fucking cheating. Mandating spyware on student-owned devices and AI woo is not a valid solution, the tools are bad and side-effect laden enough to not actually solve the problem, tend to have detrimental effects on the good actors while still being easily cheated past, which is not acceptable. Some defensive exam design helps. Vary your exams from semester to semester, pull questions from pools so the students' forms are different, run short assessments on short windows to prevent closing the chegg loop... these things are _some_ work but usually not an enormous amount, though I realize a lot of tenure-track professors understand the whole "As long as the university doesn't lose a court case as a result of my teaching, no one cares" incentive structure and would like to avoid even that minimal work and run the same course for a decade and/or buy course packet from Mcgraw Hill that 8 other schools are using and the whole of is posted on the internet for students to cheat from). ... the classes I work on are planning to revert to paper exams ASAP, it's a much cleaner solution even though grading is more work.
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