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What the Supreme Court’s ‘cursing cheerleader’ decision means for students’ free speech rights

Source: The Week: Most Recent Home Page Posts

Article note: I wish they'd made a broader ruling like the earlier decision, or at least clearly parameterized when schools are allowed to police off-campus speech, but at least they did establish that schools have to come up with a compelling reason for policing of off-campus speech.

What the Supreme Court's 'cursing cheerleader' decision means for students' free speech rights

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PipeWire Under the Hood

Source: Hacker News

Article note: This is a lovely bit of documentation. PipeWire gives such a nice clean, uniform, UNIX-y abstraction over things that used to be handled by a variety of incompatible unsuitable abstractions, and is coming along startlingly quickly compared to most of the hacky things that preceded it.
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