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This Central Kentucky church reopened on May 10 and became a COVID-19 hot spot

Source: Kentucky.com -- Fayette County

Article note: From the guilty party "I don’t know of anything we could’ve done differently. I don’t. That’s why I just feel so bad." - Then you shouldn't be in a position of authority, asshole. You could have done what virtually everyone else did and told everyone to maintain distancing.

An Independent Fundamental Baptist church in Jessamine County that resumed in-person services in mid-May, and whose pastor pressured the governor to reopen churches early, is now the site of a … Click to Continue »

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The Trojan Horse in Trump’s anti-Twitter executive order

Source: Engadget

Article note: This is a very weird piece, in one paragraph they fantasize about censoring undesirables from the de-facto commons, and in the next they seem to acknowledge that such tools will primarily be used to attack the worthy and vulnerable, as they always have. Censorship allowing "only the good transgressions" is always pulling up the ladder behind you, if you build tools to repress the socially unacceptable, what you are really saying is, to rewrite their musings, "I like to imagine where we might be if these companies had treated abolitionists, suffragettes, and LGBT activists with the same zeal for censorship and eradication from platforms, had given them no place to organize and recruit, or to plan and network."
Approximately 100 years ago (May 28, 2020) the White House put social media websites in its (very crowded) crosshairs. This was in the form of an executive order to regulate what Mr. Trump believes to be online censorship, specifically calling Twitte...
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University of Kentucky to remove controversial Memorial Hall mural, president says

Source: Kentucky.com -- Education

Article note: I'm not sure that its a wrong decision, but the idea of erasing art that offends our modern sensibilities and choosing whose historicity counts [more] always makes me profoundly uncomfortable.

The University of Kentucky will begin the process of taking down the controversial Memorial Hall mural that depicts black workers — possibly slaves — planting tobacco, an email sent to … Click to Continue »

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