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I was emailed after abandoning a registration form. I did not click Submit

Source: Hacker News

Article note: A new low in "Turning the web into a runtime was a terrible, terrible mistake."
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AppGet ‘really helped us,’ Microsoft says, but offers no apology to dev for killing open-source package manager

Source: The Register

Article note: As I was musing with a friend the other day, the "court a dev who make something cool on your platform, pump them for information, then squash them with a first-party clone" maneuver might as well be called "Pulling an Apple," but here is Microsoft doing it. OTOH, in this case "Windows gets a package manager" would have been welcome news any time since 1994 (and this is only marginally a real package manager since it doesn't do dependency management and the install actions execute arbitrary binaries that may do things it can't roll back), so it is perhaps not surprising that Microsoft finally acted.

Windows bod acknowledges project's influence on WinGet

Microsoft's Andrew Clinick, a group program manager in the Windows team who is involved with the development of the WinGet package manager, has tried to make good with the open-source community by publishing an acknowledgement of what was borrowed from the existing AppGet project.…

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