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IBM to power down Power-powered virtual private cloud, GPU-accelerated options

Source: The Register

Article note: Huh. The POWER+GPU arrangement made me think those were spinoff tech from the POWER9 NVLink fancy from the HPC market, I'm curious if it's a "No one who wanted to run Linux wanted to deal with POWER quirks" or "Nvidia is making this a pain in the ass." because both are trends in the industry.

Customers given 80 days before instance deletion and the suggested replacement doesn't yet support Linux

IBM has given users of its IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC on Power 80 days to find a new home.…

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Lawsuit: UK should’ve refunded some tuition, fees after COVID-19 closed campus

Source: Kentucky.com -- Education

Article note: Well, that was entirely expected. That money is spent within a couple weeks of the beginning of the semester, so it'll be a bad time if they get anywhere at scale.

The University of Kentucky should have reduced and refunded mandatory fees and tuition when it switched to online-only classes because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a student’s lawsuit argues. The lawsuit … Click to Continue »

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