Wikileaks in action

Wikileaks: Still confirming bad things every reasonable person suspected anyway.

(While the old adage about arguing politics on the internet being akin to running in the Special Olympics is generally true, sometimes it is fun. Proceed with whargarbl.)

Also amusing: headline juxtaposed with “US goes after some game-changing energy projects” talking about a $130m investment in infrastructure and alternative generation projects… not quite enough to cover six hours of the ongoing clusterfuck in Iraq.
As much as the idea depresses me, because of what it implies about the intellect of the average American, we need some genuine teabagger-grade extreme leftist ideologues in the government. Not because they would make good policy, but to balance the showboating and re-frame public debate. If the “conservatives” can make insane public policy look reasonable by having their wackjobs propose feeding our parents into meat grinders in the opening round (cf. Ryan budget plan), the “liberals” (sadly) need to start opening with “Slash the defense budget to the bone, they can refit all our supercarriers for sale to the shipping industry if they want to keep spending” to make reasonable defense cuts seem palatable.

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