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Higher Education Policy

This came out of a discussion on plus about an article I shared, but Plus isn’t really a suitable venue for the long-form response. The basic premise of the article, like so many similar articles, is that we need to impose continuous evaluation, and tie incentives to the results. A great many well-qualified people (preferred example: Diane Ravitch) think that model is wrong, and has already done a great deal of damage, and I tend to agree with them. (also note, the choices of some points and examples here are oriented for people with known similar experiences). This is also the first time I have set up this whole argument at once, so I’m sure there are holes you could drive a truck through in at least some of my claims, but I’d like to try for discussion’s sake.
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Wikileaks in action

Wikileaks: Still confirming bad things every reasonable person suspected anyway.

(While the old adage about arguing politics on the internet being akin to running in the Special Olympics is generally true, sometimes it is fun. Proceed with whargarbl.)
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No Dubya

Before the day is over, Happy Inauguration Day everybody. We’re rid of Dubya permanantly. I’m sure we’ll be finding out about all the horrible things the previous administration did/allowed to happen for years to come, and I’m sure the incoming administration won’t be perfect, but it’s quite an upgrade… Good luck with your new mess, president Obama.

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