I’ve liked fiddling with OSes for as long as I can remember, and have been through a couple VM solutions to ease the overhead of that habit. Until recently, I had been settled on qemu with the kqemu module for acceleration for some time, and thought it was pretty good. Then, one of the group mates got me to give VirtualBox, which was too much of a hassle last time I looked at options, another try. The result:
Virtualbox on Arch, running HaikuA1 and a Snow Leopard installer
That is my ArchLinux-running T510 hosting Virtualbox VMs with a Haiku R1 instance and a Snow Leopard installer (with a bootdisc for CPU recognition issues, apparently once updated it will boot straight from VirtualBox’s EFI). The partially-visible terminal with htop in the bottom left shows that it isn’t even eating my machine to do that.
Basically, it’s faster, it’s lighter on host resources, it’s more compatible, and NATed networking for the guests just works. Also, there is no hassle because the Arch package maintainers wrote some excellent support scripts. Converting my images and moving over. Do like.

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