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Apple Confirms Cloud Gaming Services Like xCloud and Stadia Violate App Store Guidelines

Source: Slashdot

Article note: Are they intentionally baiting the antitrust folks?

Apple won't allow Microsoft xCloud or Google Stadia on iOS because of strict App Store guidelines that make cloud services effectively impossible to operate on the iPhone. In a statement to Business Insider, Apple finally came out and explained why these cloud services cannot exist on its platform. The Verge reports: The primary reason: they offer access to apps Apple can't individually review. Here's the official Apple statement: "The App Store was created to be a safe and trusted place for customers to discover and download apps, and a great business opportunity for all developers. Before they go on our store, all apps are reviewed against the same set of guidelines that are intended to protect customers and provide a fair and level playing field to developers. Our customers enjoy great apps and games from millions of developers, and gaming services can absolutely launch on the App Store as long as they follow the same set of guidelines applicable to all developers, including submitting games individually for review, and appearing in charts and search. In addition to the App Store, developers can choose to reach all iPhone and iPad users over the web through Safari and other browsers on the App Store." In other words, unless it's a full remote desktop app, a cloud gaming service is not allowed as these guidelines are written today -- even though very narrowly tailored LAN services like Steam Link and Sony's PS4 Remote Play are. Google and Microsoft probably don't want to offer signup options within the apps themselves because that would mean giving Apple a 30 percent cut of subscription revenue, but apps without "account creation" options violate section (c). Abiding by section (a) is also impossible considering these cloud servers on which the games are running are not owned by and located in the homes of consumers, but placed in data centers far away. And section (e) just flat out says this type of thing -- a "thin client for cloud-based app" -- can't exist in the App Store at all; it's not "appropriate," Apple says. [...] What does all this mean? Well, for now, iOS users are going to be missing out on the mobile-centric cloud gaming wave that's set to arrive with xCloud's launch. There is conceivably a way Google, Microsoft, and Nvidia could find ways around this by changing the core functionality of their respective apps.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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More than 20GB of Intel source code and proprietary data dumped online

Source: Ars Technica

Article note: I doubt anything earth-shattering will come from it, but I bet there will be a few interesting analysis pieces.
An Intel promotional has been modified to include the words

Enlarge (credit: Tillie Kottman)

Intel is investigating the purported leak of more than 20 gigabytes of its proprietary data and source code that a security researcher said came from a data breach earlier this year.

The data—which at the time this post went live was publicly available on BitTorrent feeds—contains data that Intel makes available to partners and customers under NDA, a company spokeswoman said. Speaking on background, she said Intel officials don’t believe the data came from a network breach. She also said the company is still trying to determine how current the material is and that, so far, there are no signs the data includes any customer or personal information.

“We are investigating this situation,” company officials said in a statement. “The information appears to come from the Intel Resource and Design Center, which hosts information for use by our customers, partners and other external parties who have registered for access. We believe an individual with access downloaded and shared this data.”

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Physical distancing, face masks, and eye protection to prevent person-to-person transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis – showPdf

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I think this makes a decent standard for current-best-practice, which I'm finding myself needing to refer to frequently.

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Georgia school principal suspended the student who posted video of crowded hallway of maskless students

Source: Boing Boing

Article note: "Don't post evidence of the plague school you're being forced to go to's failures or you'll be suspended from the plague school" seems like a firm invitation for everyone to start filming and posting.

A whistleblowing student at a Georgia high school was suspended after he posted a video of fellow students crammed into a hallway between classes, many of them without masks. After he was suspended, North Paulding County high school principal Gabe Carmona made an announcement over the school intercom, warning that "Anything that is going on on social media that is negative on our light... there will be consequences for both students or anyone who sends out those pictures, so please be careful."

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New York attorney general sues to dissolve the NRA, saying it’s ‘fraught with fraud and abuse’

Source: The Week: Most Recent Home Page Posts

Article note: As someone who is both fairly pro-gun and more-or-less left-leaning: I’m real happy about this. I’m not even sure how much of a groundswell of support the NRA will get from the usual suspects, even among the politically active pro-gun venues I read, people are pretty done with the NRA leadership, and have been for some time (See class action suit last year). My annual ‘The ACLU counts “Sometimes 1, 3, 4…”’ supplementary donation goes to the SAF. They’re not exactly a great match for me politically either, but unlike the NRA, they’ve been effective, and are at least not spending most of their resources on self-enrichment and rankly partan campaigning on unrelated matters. SRA and associates are still too flaky to treat as a credible lobby, but I’m excited for a less unnecessarily-partisan gun rights landscape with fewer parasites.

The attorney general of New York has filed a lawsuit to dissolve the National Rifle Association.

New York Attorney General Letitia James on Thursday announced she has filed a lawsuit against the NRA "to dissolve the organization in entirety for years of self-dealing and illegal conduct," alleging the pro-gun group is "fraught with fraud and abuse" and that senior leadership diverted millions of dollars "into their own pockets."

Four defendants are named in the lawsuit, including Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, who James described as the "central figure behind this scheme." James has accused the defendants of failing "to follow numerous state and federal laws, which contributed to the loss of more than $64 million in just three years." They allegedly put millions of dollars from the non-profit organization to personal use, including for "lavish" trips.

James also accused the NRA of "awarding contracts to the financial gain of close associates and family, and appearing to dole out lucrative no-show contracts to former employees in order to buy their silence and continued loyalty."

The New York attorney general had been investigating the NRA for 18 months. The attorney general of Washington, D.C. on Thursday also announced a lawsuit against the NRA Foundation for alleged misuse of charitable funds.

President Trump on Thursday decried James' lawsuit as "terrible," recommending the NRA "move to Texas and live a very good and beautiful life."

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Have questions for UK about the upcoming semester? : UniversityofKentucky

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Article note: Is this in-person reopening plan actually supposed to be viable, or is it just theater to get students to commit before an inevitable outbreak and shutdown? I was doing prep work on campus earlier this week, and most of the visible efforts seem to be more performative than effective. Lots of disingenuous blame-shifting signs like "Please physically distance by 6ft on this busy 4ft wide path" and "Elevator occupancy 2; go heavy-breathe on each other in the crowded stairwell." Similarly, the "test every student (but not staff or faculty) once sometime vaguely around their arrival" plan seems like an effort to check the testing box rather than accomplish any practical goal. Likewise, the food services in the student center looks like they can handle about 25% capacity while sending customers out to fend for themselves for a safe place to unmask and eat, which was frankly not that easy even with the tiny fraction of people already back. As someone else [pointed out a few days ago](https://old.reddit.com/r/UniversityofKentucky/comments/i3xc0h/a_vent_re_the_absurdity_of_in_person_classes/), allowed room occupancy vs. enrollment is tilted such that many in person courses will be "in person" in name only even in a best-case scenario. Enough at-risk students are already getting in touch about remote options that it seems most courses will need to provide all-remote options even _before_ the quarantine and illness absences start to stack up and/or we go full remote following a probable outbreak, so effort for in-person instruction is feeling increasingly futile. As an instructor trying to do right by my students, while I appreciate that there are difficult decisions being considered at the every level, I'm increasingly frustrated by the lack of credible planning coming down from above, and the decisions it is forcing me to make for the upcoming semester. Realistic, honest planning for an all-remote semester with early resource commitment would have offered a better experience than wasting time and resources planning for an infeasible in-person scenario, then having another hasty "unplanned" shutdown with students who were promised something else.

I suspect my comment will get deleted, posting here:

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