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Students in the wealthiest districts are obtaining disability accommodations at much higher rates, report finds

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Article note: I could easily see this. You build tools that can be used to give an advantage, and those with the means to do so will use them in technically-inside-the-rules for advantage, whether it's prescription stimulants as performance drugs, sleazy financial deals, or disability accommodations. At the university level there is a visible mix of "reasonable accommodations allowing students to succeed" and "taking advantage," it's sometimes egregious enough to be easy to call, but we can't.

Disability accommodations for schoolwork and testing are not distributed equally across the socioeconomic spectrum, The New York Times reports.

More students than ever in the United States are reportedly securing disability diagnoses, which often allow them to receive extra time for class work and tests, including standardized tests like the ACT and SAT which have bearing on college acceptance. The Times reports that in the country's wealthiest school districts students are obtaining 504 plans — a federal disability designation — at higher rates.

For example, while analyzing Department of Education data, the Times found that in the top 1 percent of wealthiest districts, 5.8 percent of students held a 504 plan, which is twice the national average. In some communities, like Weston, Connecticut, where the average annual income is $220,000, the rate was as high as 18 percent. Meanwhile, in the Cleveland Metropolitan School district, less than 1 percent of students had obtained a 504 plan. Further, a larger percentage of white students held a 504 plan than any other race.

1. New investigation from @jugalpatelNYT and me: In the top 1 percent of richest school districts, teens are 2x as likely to hold a disability plan that qualifies them for extended time on SAT/ACT and schoolwork. In some places, it's 7x the national rate. https://t.co/wFQcgxe8g7 pic.twitter.com/290io4lx87

— Dana Goldstein (@DanaGoldstein) July 30, 2019

The data does not include private schools, but in some areas, private school students reportedly are even more likely to qualify for accommodations.

The Times reports that while cases of outright fraud are rare, the system is vulnerable to abuse, in part because private mental health practitioners can operate with limited oversight. But speculation about gaming the system aside, the Times reports that the disparity more broadly represents unequal access to resources.

3. It starts in early childhood, when some parents are more able than others to have children evaluated for speech and motor-skill delays. By high school, some have spent tens of thousands on repeated psychological evaluations, which are rarely fully covered by insurance.

— Dana Goldstein (@DanaGoldstein) July 30, 2019

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A Big Blue landmark restaurant is gone as more changes come to campus-area corridor

Source: Kentucky.com -- Fayette County

Article note: On one hand, watching UK's expanded privatized food offerings kill the local restaurant scene is sad. On the other hand, food poisoning Arbys needed to go.

Another University of Kentucky landmark apparently is gone: The Arby’s at 507 South Limestone apparently has closed. The building, distinctive from other Arby’s because it had blue trim instead of … Click to Continue »

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