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Designing a proper USB-C power sink

Source: Hacker News

Article note: The RPi folks have a strange history of screwing up their USB circuits. It doesn't help that USB is more than a little insane, but the sense resistors setup is a clever, fairly obvious, and very well documented way to do cheap sensing. It's an easy fix, I wonder if/hope they'll respin the PCBs for the one extra resistor.
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Fight over surveillance cameras sent back to Fayette judge

Source: Kentucky.com -- State

Article note: We really, really need some accountability for surveillance. A legal framework that constrains the labeling of cameras and usage of collected data would be a decent start. What exactly the access regime to the data should be is a harder competing-constraints question. A bunch of disobedient citizens with lasers could also help the problem, but that would be less elegant.

A legal fight to reveal what kind of surveillance cameras Kentucky's second-largest city has and how they're used will return to Fayette Circuit Court after an order to release the … Click to Continue »

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