Researchers find a way to 3D print whole objects in seconds

Source: Engadget

Article note: Hm, neat. You're obviously restricted to transparent resins of very specific sensitivity with the technique, but if you aren't worried about material properties it's excellent. The obvious question from the Engagdget popsci blurb that the actual Nature article answers is that their coherent image is being formed by collimating several lasers into a big fiber to get the right area and density, then pointing that at a DLP mirror array to aim the rays - which is fairly similar tech to existing DLP printers, just with an extra axis and tomographic projection to use it.
When you think of 3D printing, you probably imagine a structure being created layer by layer, from the bottom up. Now, researchers from Switzerland's EPFL say they have developed a completely new way of creating 3D objects, with unprecedented resolut...
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