Bushing Futzing

I was futzing with the bushings on my longboards last night, and made an observation that should probably be visible on the Internets:
Orangatang Nipples are slightly too tall for the stock 2.75″ kingpin in Churchill RKPs. One could swap a standard Grade 8 3/8-24×3″ partially threaded hex bolt (same kind Randals take) in and it would work, but be aware. Furthermore, right now I have a set of 81A Venom Standards (Barrel boardside + Cone roadside) on, and they feel significantly stiffer there than on the Paris’ on my other deck – although to be fair the Paris’s are on a top-mount, and the Churchills are on a drop-through, so less leverage. Because of the restrictive seat bases/height limits/geometry/etc. I suspect the Churchills generally won’t feel quite right with barrels, but would do very well with high-rebound double cones. I’m not feeling the need to buy a set to test just yet since I already have some spare bushings around, but FYI.

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