Moco Loco

Two food posts in a row, because my hobby time for the last few days has been squandered on a Minecraft addiction. I made myself Moco Loco earlier tonight, as a planned consolation prize for the shitty weather. This is both the first time I’ve had it come out really well, and the first time I’ve managed to get a photo that looked reasonably appetizing.

Moco Loco is contemporary Hawaiian food, and is very much the modern follow-on to “Things that used to be peasant food are delicious;” as the story goes it was created as a cheap lunch for local boys at a cafe in Hawaii, and spread on it’s own merits. Strictly, it consists of white rice, topped with a grilled hamburger patty, a fried egg, and brown gravy, but I’ve rarely seen it served without fried onions, which I’ve always included in my attempts to make it. Aside from being tasty, I get a kick out of how much (possible) kaona there is in the name. It is also a sort of one-shot explanation for weight-related health problems being so endemic among Polynesians…

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