HPC’s lost histories will power the future of tech

Source: The Register

Article note: This has been Hank Dietz's (My advisor through grad school, one of the first-causes of commodity clusters) argument for years: when clusters took over riding on economies of scale, they sucked all the air out of the field for other innovation, and we've been getting stupid making commodity clusters bigger and denser instead of investing in architectural innovation for years. Ideas about disrupting that paradigm had more traction at SC22 than I've seen in recent years, it's nice to see reporters picked up on it.

If you thought the '80s were cool, wait for the revival

Opinion  The first hints of an empire falling are only clear in retrospect. At the time they happen, they can look as if they are just part of existing trends. Crypto chaos as FTX falls apart like a giant rotting peach? The whole scene stinks. Everyone knows it, except the marks.…

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