A Compiler Target Model for Line Associative Registers

I just submitted my first “real” publication (which was already accepted based on the extended abstract) A Compiler Target Model for Line Associative Registers, to CPC2010 in Vienna, Austria this July. Very excited.

I got “a little less support” from my adviser than I might have liked, but I’m reasonably confident in my writing skills, and a lot of the material had already been worked over for putting in a (previous, rejected) paper I coauthored, so the process of putting it together wasn’t too bad. It was stated as “I trust you to take care of it,” but it was still really irritating. That said, there is something vaguely awkward about the paper that I haven’t quite been able to put my finger on; I think I thought about and played with it for too long, and lost track of what was actually there at any given time. Have a look and tell me what weirdness didn’t get caught because no one (else) read it closely before it went out, I’ve already found a redundant qualifier left in the last line of the abstract… just be warned that the topic is a little obscure.

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