PLOS2021: ISO-C became unusable for operating systems

Source: Hacker News

Article note: This is a pretty nifty paper, and some of the HN discussion is interesting too (...and a lot of it is people who seem to think the underlying hardware of computers is free magic). Watching theory folks, hardware folks, and application programmers collide in C is always a good show, because each of them look at behaviors and say "of course it should do x"... and the x is different for all of them. Rust is the first language I've seen that can _compellingly_ do the kind of low-level stuff that C is the default for without requiring an enormous amount of outside-the-language support (...written in C or assembly) to actually interface the hardware AND still be at least as optimizable as C, but theirs is very hard-won in terms of platform code compared to C's "the language definition is to do what the host hardware does" approach.
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