My research group is headed down to the IEEE/ACM Supercomputing Conference next week in New Orleans to put on our customary research exhibit. This year’s booth features a large 6-sided figure with three 6-foot screens on the longer spans, in addition to the lighted sign tower, print on demand whitepaper system, and low tables from last year. The MOG Maze returning for its third year on the show floor, with a new faster more flexible version of the MOG environment (mostly) ready for distribution.
Last year was a blast, and SC is an experience unlike any other, a bizarre mix of trade show and technical conference which creates an environment more exciting than either on its own. The various shakeups in the HPC world of late, particularly that monstrous Intel Xeon/ Nvidia GPU/custom interconnect thing that China built, showed a few weeks ago, and have declined to share technical details about, should make this year especially exciting.

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