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Roku plans to start showing video ads on your homescreen

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Article note: Enshittification, full speed ahead...
Vector collage of the Roku logo.
Illustration: The Verge

Roku has a plan to boost ad revenue. The company will start showing video ads on your homescreen at some point. Roku CEO Anthony Wood told investors during the company’s earnings call last week that the company will put the video ads in the “premier video app we called the Marquee” where static image ads live now.

It sounds like Wood is referring to the box on the homescreen that sits to the right of your Roku apps, which hopefully means the video ads won’t be full-screened. He said the company is also testing out “other types of video ad units” and looking into other ways to “innovate more video advertising” on the homescreen. The company’s push comes after it performed its third layoff in less than a year last September amid a slower...

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Reddit is full of bots: thread reposted comment by comment, 10 months later

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Article note: The web is dying under botspam and directed manipulation. This is a particularly egregious example.
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