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USB installer tool removes Windows 11’s Microsoft account requirements (and more)

Source: OSNews

Article note: The OSNews take is _exactly_ what I was thinking when I saw this thing go by.

An easy workaround for this requirement is the Rufus USB formatting tool, which can create USB install media for Windows and all kinds of other operating systems. Rufus has already offered some flags to remove Windows 11’s system requirement checks from the installer, removing the need for clunky Windows Registry edits and other workarounds. But the beta of version 3.19 will also remove the Microsoft account requirement for new installs, making it easy to set up a new Windows PC with a traditional local account.

The hoops people jump through to be allowed to use a mediocre operating system when better alternatives are abundant.

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YouTube removes criticism of dangerous fractal wood burning, leaves lethal tips

Source: Hacker News

Article note: The incentives of content farming are a race to the bottom, where the splashiest most engaging title and preview, the most polished video, and the fastest output win, eventually forcing out any other content to the advantage of the people gaming the system. You know, like academic research.
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