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The cheapest Cam Link clone you can buy actually works pretty well

Source: The Verge - All Posts

Article note: I sprung for a $70 USB-C one with pass-through and higher bandwidth modes and such, but HDMI capture dongles that present as a simple UVC device are fabulous and worth having around. I hadn't seen any as cheap as these, but they look awesome for most things I'd want.
Photo by Bijan Stephen / The Verge

As The Verge’s resident live-streaming reporter, I do a lot of streaming on my own time, both because it’s fun and because I want to know a little about what it’s like for the people I cover. That’s meant I’ve gained a healthy appreciation for the various pieces of gear that make streaming possible — because streaming is the opposite of effortless. Things break constantly, and most of the time for no obvious reason. (There but for the grace of god go we, etc.) All of that said, I’ve found that upgrading my stream setup is one of the few true pleasures I have left; there’s nothing quite as satisfying as adding a new camera or microphone or chat command that might elevate a viewer’s experience.

It is in that spirit — the spirit of...

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You don’t need SMS-2FA

Source: Hacker News

Article note: Seriously. Also, I'm not installing shit on my data-leaking smartphone for your random one-off service, for "authentication" or otherwise. You mining my device is a _much_ bigger threat than my account at webtrash.xyz getting compromised.
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Google wants Samsung to kill Bixby, Galaxy App Store

Source: Ars Technica

Article note: _Everyone_ wants Samsung to kill Bixby, step 1 of setting up a recent Samsung Android device is to turn on adb and do some "adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0" on all the Bixby components. Google advocating for it is a little anti-trust-y, but I'll take results.
A hand holds a smartphone.

Enlarge / Bixby on the Galaxy S9. (credit: Ron Amadeo)

Reuters and Bloomberg are both independently reporting that Google is pushing Samsung to back away from its duplicate Android ecosystem and promote Google apps instead. A "correspondence" between the two companies was seen by both sites, which saw Google push Samsung to promote the Play Store and Google Assistant over the Galaxy App Store and Samsung's Bixby assistant. Google was apparently willing to open its wallet and pay Samsung to make it happen.

Bloomberg's interpretation of the negotiations is pretty vague, saying the deal "would promote Google's digital assistant and Play Store for apps on [Samsung] devices." The later Reuters report is a lot more specific, saying Samsung is "considering dropping its Bixby virtual assistant and Galaxy Apps Store from its mobile devices." Reuters goes on to say that "Google is dangling more lucrative terms for Samsung than in previous deals if it retreats from its app strategy." Part of Google's immense web of Android protection is sharing ad revenue and Play Store app revenue with phone manufacturers, and offering Samsung a higher share is an easy way to bribe the South Korean company into submission.

Whether Samsung would actually be willing to kill Bixby and the Galaxy App store is up in the air. Samsung has invested piles of money in Bixby since its launch in 2017, but Bixby hasn't been very successful. Samsung acquired the assistant startup Viv Labs, which was founded by the creators of Siri, and put the company to work improving Bixby. But Samsung's voice assistant still can't hang in the same crowd as the Google Assistant, Apple's Siri, and Amazon Alexa.

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The Secret Origin of the Action RPG

Source: Hacker News

Article note: I'm always amazed by how poorly documented computer history is, especially considering how short and recent the whole thing is. Here we have an Apple II game (The Caverns of Freitag), written by a well-known developer (David Shapiro), that predates (1982 vs. 1984) and is credited by the author of Dragon Slayer, which is usually listed as "first ARPG," as an inspiration. And it just wasn't written in the history. Plus it's a literal missing-link between turn based and action that can be played with a slow-timer or fast-timer (think Chrono Trigger's active vs. wait mode, but even more deeply integrated and granular). ... If I didn't have too much to do this week I'd go find a copy for my LC's IIe card.
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