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ThinkPad 560E

Complete ThinkPad 560E system.

I’ve been idly looking for one of the mid-90s ThinkPads known to have perfect OpenStep/Rhapsody support for years as a fun collector piece, but been unwilling to pay eBay prices. The other week I scored a pristine IBM ThinkPad 560E for $20 in a Shopgoodwill auction, below is notes on getting it up and running, plus some relevant history and plans.

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Slack Files EU Competition Complaint Against Microsoft

Source: Hacker News

Article note: So, there are some similarities to earlier Microsoft anti-competitive bundling practices... but fuck Slack for whining about anti-competitive practices, their flavor of IRC with stickers established in large part by bait-and-switching everyone with early interoperability then converting to a walled garden.
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