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TSA Admits Liquid Ban Is Security Theater

Source: Schneier on Security

Article note: The source Slate piece is "America is a Sham" and yes, the best likely side-effect of this shitshow is laying bare swaths of authoritarian, profiteering, bullshit that we've allowed to fester in our society. I'm not all that optimistic that we'll get any kind of long-term fixes, particularly since a lot of it was instituted during the last course-changing national disaster, but at least the point is being made.

The TSA is allowing people to bring larger bottles of hand sanitizer with them on airplanes:

Passengers will now be allowed to travel with containers of liquid hand sanitizer up to 12 ounces. However, the agency cautioned that the shift could mean slightly longer waits at checkpoint because the containers may have to be screened separately when going through security.

Won't airplanes blow up as a result? Of course not.

Would they have blown up last week were the restrictions lifted back then? Of course not.

It's always been security theater.

Interesting context:

The TSA can declare this rule change because the limit was always arbitrary, just one of the countless rituals of security theater to which air passengers are subjected every day. Flights are no more dangerous today, with the hand sanitizer, than yesterday, and if the TSA allowed you to bring 12 ounces of shampoo on a flight tomorrow, flights would be no more dangerous then. The limit was bullshit. The ease with which the TSA can toss it aside makes that clear.

All over America, the coronavirus is revealing, or at least reminding us, just how much of contemporary American life is bullshit, with power structures built on punishment and fear as opposed to our best interest. Whenever the government or a corporation benevolently withdraws some punitive threat because of the coronavirus, it's a signal that there was never any good reason for that threat to exist in the first place.

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Dining spots stunned as Beshear orders Ky. bars, restaurants to close dine-in service

Source: Kentucky.com -- State

Article note: Our next round of "Shit's getting real," as we realize how not-under-control the situation already is.

Lexington paywall drop note Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear on Monday announced that he plans to order all restaurants in the state to close to dining in, beginning at 5 p.m. … Click to Continue »

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