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Potential bypass of Runas user restrictions in sudo

Source: Hacker News

Article note: It requires a rather atypical configuration, but... damn, that's a big edge condition oops. Basically, in some versions of sudo, if configured with an (ALL, !root) case, trying to run something as an invalid but representable UID (-1, 4294967295) will have the underlying syscalls reject _after_ the tests, and it will then run the command as... the sudo binary's SUID 0.
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Faculty:Student Ratio

Source: xkcd.com

Article note: Metric gaming! Its eating society!
They managed to briefly hit the top of the rankings when they rejected everyone except one applicant, published 5 billion research papers that just said "Hi," and hired one of their graduates for $50 trillion/year (then fired them after 10 microseconds.)
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