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28C3 The Science of Insecurity

This may be the best talk out of 28C3 this year. I was actually more pumped about Cory Doctrow’s “The Coming War on General Computation” 28C3 talk from the previous day, which I shared enthusiastically on G+, but there is … Continue reading

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PSN Outage Reading

I don’t have any stake in the PSN outage issue, not owning any Sony products more complicated than headphones (The last console I bought was an original Xbox- used- to ‘chip and run XBMC on), but it has made interesting … Continue reading

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Package Manager Security

(The following is long, rather technical, and somewhat esoteric. Sorry, it’s what I do.) I try to keep reasonably abreast of developments in Arch Linux, since it has been my favorite distribution for about seven years now, and the OS … Continue reading

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